Shock as Black Bear Caught Stealing Snacks From Home: 'Call the Police'

2022-09-16 23:50:29 By : Admin

A man kept his cool in the face of a thieving bear after it broke in to his house and raided his freezer. In the video, which has been viewed more than 925,000 times, the TikTok user known as DadKnowsEverything can be seen walking down his hallway, a large black bear clearly visible through the open front door, with the caption, "Black Bear stole some s***!! Call the police there's been a burglary!!"

He calmly walks up to the door and says, "Hey buddy I'm just going to close this," as the bear turns to look at him with a nonchalant look on its face. He then looks back through the window and laughs as the bear picks up whatever it was eating and wanders off with it, seemingly in no rush.

He then turns back in to his house and says, "So, that bear got in the fridge," showing the ransacked freezer, signing off with, "Fun morning."

Black Bear stole some shit!! Call the police there’s been a burglary!!

While many of us would love to see a bear, finding one raiding your fridge might not be everybody's idea of a dream encounter. According to Yellow Stone Bear World, you are most likely to run in to a bear in North America in September and October as, "Bears are most active during this period, preparing for their lengthy hibernation."

The Humane Society describes the waning of the summer months as a "vital life stage" for the bears, "it's when they start a feeding frenzy called 'hyperphagia,' which involves seeking food and eating for up to 20 hours per day." During this time of year, human and bear encounters can become more frequent as the bears desperately seek out food to fatten themselves up before hibernation.

While you can't assume a bear is going to be able to get into your home, The Humane Society says reducing opportunities for bears to access human food is "imperative" to their safety as they report that, "Biologists say that local bear populations can only withstand a loss of between 4% and 10% of their population each year before putting their survival in serious jeopardy."

User Kathy said, "And people say Australia is scary, mate I'd die if I saw a bear just chillin at the front door."

User Marsha wrote, "You can tell its a Canadian bear. It was very polite and took the goodies outside to eat!"

User damonehh commented, "Nobody gonna talk about how the bear took the whole freezer basket outside?"

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